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Sing in the New Year

Thanks again to Ron and Lakewood Cemetery staff for welcoming us back for the annual All Souls Sing. Every year the energy grows. It's always a highlight for us as song leaders to be in that beautiful space and sing with all of you. We hope to see you next year - November 4, 2018, exact same place.

Borrow Songbooks for Your Holiday Sing
Two great options from our free lending library.

• The Christmas Caroling Song Book
Borrow copies and just flip through and sing!
Currently in high demand.
Call Mary to find out how many copies are available.
List of Song Titles--Holy Mistletoe! What Fun [link]

• Rise Up Singing (we've got 200 copies!)
Borrow copies and proceed as follows:
   Recipe for a Fun Holiday Sing
     1. Start with the Rise Up Singing "Holiday" index
     2. Add a dash of Peace Section songs
     3. Featured ingredient: Here Comes the Sun p. 153 (for Solstice)
     4. Leavening agent: Julian of Norwich p. 117
     5. Sprinkle with Jingle Bells - sing it by heart!

Call, text, or email Mary for songbook pick-up options  612.205.8615

 Keep Singing....