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About Us

Minnesota Community SINGS:
Bringing people together to sing. 
Singing to bring people together.

What? Minnesota Community SINGS is working to build the culture of community public singing in Minnesota. There is a lot of great singing going on already: community choirs, church choirs, schools. What we're promoting is something different from these: ordinary people joining their friends and neighbors (and making new friends) by gathering in public to sing. Singing in halls, singing in big tents, singing in parks. All of us together.  It’s ancient. It’s worldwide. It’s our tradition in Minnesota (see History). It’s fun.

Why? Well, besides the fact that singing together--all ages, all voices--is fun and feels great … Singing together can help us build ties with our friends and neighbors, as we come together to share our songs and stories, and learn new ones. As song leaders from MN Community Sings, it is our great pleasure to make new friends right here at home by asking neighbors from differing cultural traditions “What are the songs you sing when you sing together in groups?” When we gather for community singing in our city parks, we get a chance to sing together in Arabic or Spanish, languages regularly heard on the streets of the Twin Cities, as well as in English. What a fine way to meet our neighbors – by joining together in song.

Minnesota Community SINGS is based in Minneapolis. The lead organizers are: