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About Mary Preus

Mary Preus is first, a song leader and second, a singer, teacher, worship leader and choir director. A colleague once said of Mary, "She could teach a stone to sing."

Mary has been working in neighborhood businesses, community arts endeavors, and progressive Christian peace and justice communities for twenty-five years. Mary can sing in several different languages and has led singing around the world. In addition to her work as artistic director of Minnesota Community SINGS, Mary has worked as the music director and song leader at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Minneapolis since 1991. She is also the worship and music coordinator for the Community of St. Martin. Mary is a co-founder and member of Bread for the Journey, where she co-leads the teaching and singing of songs of justice, community and faith from around the world. Mary says, “When we join our voices to the song of all creation, we not only build community, but we do what comes naturally which helps us know our place as just one part of the big, beautiful whole. Singing together is irresistible joy!”